The Analog Binary Code (Poetic Binary Code) is a technique to draw dots by consciousness and subconsciousness at the same time. Using both hands simultaneously the drawer can only focus on one hand (consciousness) while the other hand works autonomous.
Referring to early computer graphics, the images are simply created by the presence and absence of information. In a time in which the tech-world is focused on imitating the human intellect, I wanted to change focus and outrange the machines using the human subconsciousness.
Since I invented this technique in 2012, I use the A.B.Code for encoded recordings of my life and the world I live in.

The A.B.Code can be used as a therapy method as well. Not only, that the process of drawing is very meditative, but the drawer can learn a lot about his subconsciousness by analyzing the picture afterwards.

Using the A.B.Code it is also possible to visualize the consciousness of a group, an institution or a place. There for I invite the people of a company or a passersby on the street to work with me on the picture. And because making dots is easier than making lines the result is always fantastic.

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