Imagine you could visualize the collective consciousness and sub-consciousness of your place, your team or your company!

CLOUD CONSCIOUSNESS is a artistic process work for little teams as well as for bigger groups.


What’s the point(s)?

  • improving the WE ARE ALL ONE feeling of the participants
  • learning to create without the fear of failing
  • improving the sensibility for the work the precursors left
  • realizing, that perception is a creative process as well
  • creating and enjoying an amazing piece of art

The process works like that: a group of people work together to create an art piece. They’re making dots on a wall. Using both hands at the same time they outwit their consciousness and give space to their sub-consciousness. As artist I give some instructions during the process and support the participants. As a final step we try to find as much as possible forms and figures inside the CLOUD CONSCIOUSNESS art work.

„Everytime I walk by, I discover something new. It is a dynamic piece of art. Not only for me, but for my patients and my team as well. Everyday it provides new food for our thoughts.“
(PD Dr. Peter Wipfler, Head of the acute care ward of the department of neurology, Christian-Doppler-Klinik, Salzburg)


„It is a sustainable source of inspiration.“
(Christian Ursnik, Print innovator & CEO of Infinitive Factory, Graz)


„I am still impressed, how we threw this art against my wall.“
(Wolf Zaar, art collector)