Imagine you could visualize the collective consciousness and sub-consciousness of your place, your team or your company.

Using my special drawing technique, this is now possible.

It works like that: a group of people work together to create an art piece. They’re making dots on a wall (or other surfaces). Using both hands at the same time they outwit their consciousness and give space to their sub-consciousness. During the process I give some instructions and point-out some figures as a final step: and because making dots is easier than making lines the result is always fantastic.

»Machines were mice and men were lions, once upon a time.
But now that is the opposite, it’s twice upon a time. «

Since I invented this drawing technique in 2012, wich I call the Analog Binary Code, I use it for encoded recordings of my life and the world I live in.

Referring to early computer graphics, the images are simply created by the presence and absence of information. In a time in which the tech-world is focused on imitating the human intellect, I wanted to change focus and outrange the machines using the human subconsciousness.