E Ä R TH Y   simply defines a path. The path to past and future at the same time. The goal is to recreate the balance between humankind and planet earth. The path starts with us and ends in the 7th generation after us.

E Ä R TH Y   provides products, which reflect its philosophy. The first   E Ä R TH Y   product is a simple trekking pole – made out of hazel wood and a piece of organic yarn. Created completely without the use of machines in a meditative process, the product is designed for long walks into the wilderness.

E Ä R TH Y   uses old-english runes for its branding. Not only because it is easier to carve them in wood, but also because they refer to a time, when the inhabitants of the British Islands still had a strong connection to the magic of the wilderness.

You will find   E Ä R TH Y  poles in following shop:

– Raccolta Differenziata // Via Malpaga, 16 // 38100 Trento // ITALY