Forest Fiction is a long term project to change our cultural conditioning.

Our nowadays conditioning is a technophile one. There is a strong connection between science-fiction literature and technology development. Most of developments in the last decades were inspired by sci-fi books written between the 30s and the 70s of the last century. But instead of creating Utopias these developments turn our reality more and more into a Dystopia.

To change our future possibilities, we have to create new, out of the box visions for the future. The name for this new genre: ‟Forest Fiction”. My first two works are ‟3Zukuenfte” (an artistic book with three short stories about possible futures) and ‟The World Beyond” (a constantly growing coloring book, which you can download as PDF).

Do you like the coloring book? Please share this page and/or make a donation, because I do this work out of idealism, but still I have to spend money to raise my children.