Forest Fiction is a long term project to change the cultural conditioning from a technology focused and capital driven society to a holistic thinking society with a strong focus on environment.

There is a strong connection between science-fiction literature and technology development. During my researches I realized that not only the sci-fi novels are inspired by the technological development, but at the same time the engineers take their inspiration from science-fiction books and films. A lot of  developments in the last decades in technology are inspired by books written between the 30s and the 70s of the last century. But instead of creating Utopias these developments turn our reality more and more into a Dystopia.

To change our future possibilities, we have to create a new format for future visions. My working title for this format is: „Forest Fiction“. That for I created a schematic example: „3 Zukuenfte“ – a book with three short stories about possible futures. The first story draws a classical sci-fi dystopia. The second shows the effects of total negating the technological developments humankind made since the Renaissance. And the third future tries to give a vision of the synthesis of the both extremes. By now there exists only a German version of it. An English and an Italian version are in planning.

But creating a new format for visions is far to less. We have to start immediately to change our habits. In little, simple steps but with a longterm perspective. As a motivation guideline I printed a Manifesto for the Reforestation of the World.
As I realized, our civilization has some kind of birth trauma. In the first epic ever written in our history, the Gilgamesh epic, we already find the first case of exploiting natural resources, when the King of Uruk killed the guardian of the forest and took the cedars to build his palace.

To heal a trauma it makes sense to go back to its origin and recreate what was destroyed. In that case: to reforest the cedars of Lebanon.

That’s my vision!