V I K T O R   K R O E L L

Kroell works on artistic concepts to influence the future of humankind.
Kroell studied information design and worked for many years in advertising before he decided to work in art only. He has a profound knowledge in media theory, technology development, communication strategies, spiritual systems and codes.

He invented the Analog Binary Code – a drawing technique to visualize the Cloud Consciousness. The cloud members create images, using both hands to make dots (half by consciousness, half by sub-consciousness). Referring to early computer graphics, the images are simply created by the presence and absence of information. The final result is a screen for the recipient’s visual memory (visual experience). Everybody sees, what he or she is able to decode.


His life in short:

born 1979 in Graz (Austria), husband, father
1995-1999 member of a theater group
1999-2003 university-degree for information design
2002-2009 concepts for corporate communication
2009-2011 co-founding a start-up
2012-2018 artist, thinker


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Publications with works:

3 ZUKUENFTE (self-publishing, Graz, 2016)

Public Art, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark (VERLAG für MODERNE KUNST, Wien, ISBN 978-3-86984-546-3)

99 10 40 (Leykamverlag, Graz, ISBN 978-3-7011-7670-0)

IDEAL +rosebud no.6 (Die Gestalten, Berlin, ISBN 978-3-89955-162-4)

Creativ Club Austria-Annual 09 (Falter Verlag, Wien, ISBN 978-3-85439-423-5)

Creativ Club Austria-Annual 06 (Falter Verlag, Wien, ISBN 978-3-85439-377-1)

Unter vielen (Edition Krill, Wien, ISBN 978-3-9502537-0-2)

Videoclip & Commercial (FH-Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences, Department Media & Design, Graz, 2003)


Collections with works: 

City of Graz

Province Styria

Economy Club Styria

Numero Civico


Exhibitions, Public Art and Performances:


About Forest Fiction, Arena Wien (GN3), Vienna, P

Flipper im Chaos der Gedanken, Christian-Doppler-Klinik, Salzburg, PS

LOOS SALON, Bridge Club Vienna, Vienna, G

3 ZUKUENFTE, Doppelwendeltreppe (Grazer Burg), Graz, P


Vento, Cantina Romanese, Levico Terme, S

Pointilistic Recordings of the Biennale, OiVaVoi Studio, Venezia, P

Protocolls, Biennale Disegno, Rimini, S

Triputo Dada, CentrA, Trento, G


The space in-between the dots, Nummero Civico, Rovereto, S & P

Binäre Putrefaktion No.2, Artport, Strass im Attergau, P

gegner&freunde, Artport, Strass im Attergau, G

Spinoza on the Rocks, Levico Terme, PS

VVW – Landkunst, Rathaus, Wies, G

Binäre Putrefaktion No.1, Schloss Schwarzenegg, Wildon, S


Enotnost skozi dvojnost (Koop. Libardoni), Ravne, PS

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita.., Schloss Schwarzenegg, Wildon, S

Sole (Koop. Libardoni), Schloss Schwarzenegg, Wildon, P


OPUS MAGNUM 13, JA Karlau, Graz, PS

Literaturhäusl (Koop. Wurm), Wies, KÖ

ÜBER UNTER TAG, Rostfest, Eisenerz, G

Vulkanischer Gruß, Padova, P



Ausräuchern des Lends, Graz, P

Wieser Zeichnungen (Koop. Wurm), Atelier im Schwimmbad, Wies, G

1000-Jähriger Spiegel, Wies, PS

Druckraum, Rostfest, Eisenerz, S

Wertvernichtung, Graz, P


Feinstoffliche Zeichnungen, Galerie Krokodil, Vienna, S

The Revolution Will Be Televised, IG-Bildende Kunst, Vienna, G

The Chapell, Symposium Lindabrunn, P

Ich bin deine Bank! Vienna, PS

Geiger Sushi, Wr. Neustatt & Graz, P

Tabernakel, Realtime Roomservice, Vienna, P

Viktor Thomas Kröll, Rathaus, Wies, P


SelfmadeSaints, Theater im Bahnhof (TiB), Graz, P

SelfmadeSaints, Lendwirbel, Graz, S


SelfmadeSaints (Koop. TiB), Brut, Vienna, P

Viktor Kröll und Mareike Spalteholz spalten Holz, Graz, P

Under The Influence, Southwalk Gallery, Philadelphia, G


SelfmadeSaints, smallest gallery, Graz, S

Das schönste Klo der Welt, Ragal/Gr. Walsertal, PS


PEZ, Mikrokinofest, Belgrad, G

Business As Usual, Mikrokinofest, Belgrad, G

Please Identify, ESC, Graz, G

Werkspräsentationen, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, G


Lagerraum für Jörg Schlick, steirischer herbst, G


Holzers Peepshow (Text: Köbeli), Theater im Kürbis, Wies, P


Die Kurve (Text: Torst), Theater im Kürbis, Wies, P


S = Solo, G = Group, P = Performance, PS = Public Space