Holistic Eco Engineering / Eco Design based on the philosophical axiom of Baruch de Spinoza:

„Deus Sive Natura“

The four steps for the transition:

  • Creating a New Narrative
  • Educating the New Narrative
  • Trying out the New Narrative in Practice
  • Rollout of the proven advantages on Global Scale

The Narrative

Changing from Science Fiction (Technological and materialistic Solutions, Human-Machine-Concept) to Forest Fiction (Deus Sive Natura, Human-Spirit/Nature-Concept).

In the pictures: “3 Zukuenfte” – a book about 3 different futures. And the “World Beyond” – a  color book for children with out of the box solutions for problems, which the future generations possible have to face.

The Education

Creating a new generation which leaves behind the alchemistic „Solve et Coagula“ paradigma which was leading the western science and education for the last half millennia and switch to a holistic approach where the „Cradle to cradle“-philosophy should be the lowest standard.

In the picture: teaching foreign languages (etymology) and mythology connect to the genius loci.

The Practice

Gardens, fields and forests as social meeting points and education hubs. The garden as alternative to gym or football field. Rising the social status of agricultural work. When the best scythe mower in the world has a higher social status than a contemporary soccer star, this task is fulfilled.

The video is about the “Pesce Paglia” (straw fish) – a agricultural laboratory in the middle of a small town neighborhood in the Alps of North Italy. Here we try out the traditional ways of agriculture of this area and find new solutions based on intercultural exchange.

The Global Scale

Creating WOIDs (woid – Austrian dialect for forest) in the wasteland. The global vision of the Geyser Garden Project is based on esthetic and geometric principles (flower of life & fractal), supported and run by people who dedicate their lives to those places and create a spiritual connection with them. They will be the New Natives or Nova Indeginous

In the picture: Kim Patrick, a renowned water researcher and me created the idea of “Geyser Gardens” – a re-greening project for the world, based on holy geometry.