Times of crisis demand useful solutions. The UsefuLandArt-project is designed to be such a solution. Its goal is to transform conceptional art into an art form with a practical approach. The artist becomes an engineer of his social surrounding, landscape and at least his reality. He creates sophisticated art and feeds basic needs at the same time.

The experimental field for the UsefuLandArt-project is situated in the touristic village of Levico Terme in the mountains of Northern Italy. The main art work in the future will be a vegetable patch in a certain geometric form, which can be see from satellites as well as drones. Attached there will be different other sculptures and art works, which have an added value. The goal is to create artworks completely by hand – without the help of machines.

Project No. 1:
Il Pesce Paglia (the hay fish)

A haystack in form of a globefish as a shelter and playground for children. The hay was mowed with a scythe and brought together by hand. The construction for the stack was made out of wooden poles, which I cut out of the forest by axe. The hay will be used to feed livestock in the winter.

This particular work is dedicated to Austrian artist Aramis, who performed the ancient ways of agriculture on castel Lind (Austria).

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