Die Kunst der Verwirbelung

Temporary sculptur which creates vortexes in the water to help to keep clean the lake.
Levico Terme, 2022


created together with/for Dr. Erich René Karauscheck
synthic bitumen, Wien, 2018

Pesce Paglia

A fish made out of hay. Completely without the use of machines. Watch the video below!
Levico Terme, 2020


created together with/for intensive care unit for neurology, Christian-Doppler-Klinik
acryl, Salzburg, 2019

Die Wiesiwü

created together with/for deutschundmehr
acryl, Graz, 2019


larch wood, hemp cord and chalk, 2019

Photos: Rossella Libardoni

Confessionale Pagano

An interactive installation to confess sins against the planetary ecosystem to trees.
2018 – ongoing

Artistic concept in German to download as PDF: Download PDF

Binäre Putrefaktion No.1

500 cm x 250 cm, synthetic bitumen/PVC, 2015

Venus. Gesang. (Venus & Songs)

coop. with Gerald Brettschuh, synthetic bitumen, oil-color, 2016

Binäre Putrefaktion No.3

400 cm x 250 cm, synthetic bitumen/PVC, 2015

curators: Stefano Giovanazzi, Francesca Cristellotti (Numero Civico)

Photos: Vanessa Kröll

3 Zukuenfte

Handmade art book about 3 different futures. language: German; published: 2016

Order here:


Opus Magnum 13

ca. 1,000 m2, synthetic bitumen, 2013

supported by: Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark Kultur Graz

Digital Panorama: http://om13.suge.at/


Wallpaint in the hospital for neurology of Salzburg (Austria) acryl, 2017

Humans above Machines

Multicolor wallpaint at Infinitive factory

acryl, 2018

Analog Binary Code (selection)

100 cm x 70 cm & 50 cm x 70 cm, ink/cotton paper, ongoing

Druckraum (Pressure Room)

acryl, 2012

supported by Rostfest Eisenerz

Wand im Atelier (studio wall)

coop. with Rossella Libardoni, synthetic bitumen, Acryl, 201

Unity through duality

coop. with Rossella Libardoni, synthetic bitumen, aryl, 2014 curator: Jernej Kožar


synthetic bitumen, acryl, 2014

Spinoza on the Rocks

graffito, 2015

Photo: Josef Wurm

1000-jähriger Spiegel (Millennium Mirror)

1 yd³, marble monolith with water basin, 2012

supported by: Kürbis Wies

SelfmadeSaints (selection)

different formats, c-print/dibond, acrylic glas, 2005-2010



Installation, 2013

supported by Rostfest Eisenerz

Lagerraum für Jörg Schlick (Storage Room For An Artist)

120 cm x 80 cm, 3d-graphic, C-print, 2001

supported by: steirischer herbst

Photos: Statt Leerstand Stadt (2 – 5)

BAUM FÄLLT! (Tree falls!)

Performance, Graz, 2013

Photos: David Maierhofer

Wertvernichtung (Destruction Of Virtual Value)

Performance, Graz, 2012

supported by: Lendwirbel

Photos: Sabine Hoffmann (1+2), Mareike Spalteholz (3)

Viktor Kröll & Mareike Spalteholz spalten Holz (Viktor Kroell & Mareike Spalteholz are splitting wood)

Performance, coop. Mareike Spalteholz, Graz, 2009

Photos: Helene Thümmel


Performance (dedicated to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster), Graz, 2011 supported by: Kultur Graz

SANGUE DI VITA coop. with Rossella Libardoni

commissioned work for the eco-femminist group “Codice Rosso”
Video, 2017


Video for the exhibition The Revolution Will Be Televised at IGBildendeKunst , Vienna, 2011 curator: Chilo Eribenne

actors: Pia Hierzegger, Ali Balikcioglu, Judith Schossböck, Elisabeth Ochaya, Vanessa Kroell camera: Michael Kaufmann camer-assistent: Julian Stampfer sound: Stefan Ehgartner postproduktion: Friendly Fire soundmastering: Innenhofstudios material-research: Pouya Gourabi (Macrokino)